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TOSA Blue Mountain has literally everything at one stunning retreat center.

Located in an Inter-Andean valley the views defy words and the air is so pure you will notice! The Amenities list is vast and all within an easy 45 minute drive to the lovely UNESCO World Heritage city of Cuenca and the surrounding Indigenous villages.

The stunning Andean mountain valley view from our State of the Art Yoga Center Studio calls forward a depth of Peace, Love and Joy! Fully equipped with all natural Bamboo Floors, Large windows and Sacred Art, the gift of Yoga takes on a depth of experience rarely discovered! In addition to yoga mats, blocks and straps, this full service center also has mini kitchen, service bar and bathrooms. Whether you are enjoying this space for Yoga or conducting a
group workshop event, time spent here opens your Heart to sing!
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TOSA Blue Mountain is an all-inclusive destination location!
Whether you are coming to study the Yoga of Self Ascension or to call forward your best life, TBM has it all!

  • All-Inclusive Vegetarian/Vegan Cuisine and Coffee Bar
  • Water Therapy Center
  • State of the Art Exercise facility
  • Groomed Hiking Trails with View areas and benches
  • Two Meditation Caves
  • Onsite ORIGINAL Indigenous Ceremonial Sites and 5000+ yr old Petroglyphs
  • Sacred Medicine Visioning Journeys, harvested on-site!
  • Two high aspect ratio Pyramids
  • Temescal Stone Sauna (sweat lodge) and Four Directions Fire Pit
  • Avesa Healing Chamber and extensive list of services including Massage & Spa
  • Violet Ray Shiva Temple & Satsang Meditation Center
  • International art collection of Sri & Kira…ask for a tour!
  • Onsite “Old Paute” Archeological Site
  • Authentic Mayan Ceremonial Site
  • Fully Equipped Yoga Center & Dance Studio

Our deep bond with the local Canari offer you optional
Day Trips to sacred sites with personalized access.
Ingapirca, Chobshi and other local gifts of magic not commonly accessed by tourists. 


Yoga and Dance Studio with Views of the Andes Mountains

Deepen your practice, breathe in the mountain air, and surrender to the majestic beauty of the Andes! Our gorgeous and spacious studio, complete with bamboo flooring, wall to ceiling windows, surround sound system and kitchenette, will leave you rejuvenated from the inside out. Planning a yoga retreat? Hosting a Dance Class? Contact us! We are happy to assist you in planning the retreat of your dreams!

Water Therapy Center

Featuring the Fountain of Creation and the “Alien Skull” formation, enjoy a pool heated for therapeutic uses, jacuzzi, and sauna. Relax, meditate, connect!

Local, Organic Vegetarian & Vegan Cuisine

5 star Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine from Chef Douglas Jimenez. Gluten Free? No problem! Diabetic? We have you covered. Special Requests? Let us know.
3 Meals, snacks, beverages and complementary Coffee/Tea Bar included in the price of your room accommodations.

International Art Collection of Sri & Kira 

Travel the world without having to leave Ecuador! TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary is filled with Art from around the world! From Egypt to Tibet to Guatemala (and more!), every piece has a story. As we explore, feel into the energy and discover the deeper mysteries... Ask for a Tour!

Groomed Hiking Trails with View areas and benches

Access the mountainside with ease! Views of the Andes Mountains and 2000+ year old petroglyphs await! Trails are maintained and railings are installed for your safety.
Walking sticks are provided and our staff loves to show you the secret treasures!

Temescal Stone Sauna (sweat lodge) and Four Directions Fire Pit, On-site ceremonies 

Travel the Mystical Realms and Remember! Our Authentic Temescal was lovingly hand-built, with all natural materials. As you sit inside, relax into the heart beat of the Andes Mountains. A perfect communal setting for both large and small group events!

Violet Ray Shiva Temple & Meditation Room

Relax Here into authentic Peace, Love and Joy! As you gift yourself with the emanation from this very unique Violet Ray Shiva. Dozens of artifacts from around the world fill this most sacred temple, inviting you to feel into your heart and connect through time and space.

Avesa Healing Chamber & Holistic Services

This ORIGINAL room has been restored with Eucalyptus ceilings, mud walls, Crystal Singing bowls, bells and tuners. Plus Avesa crystalline grids add to the extraordinary healing power!

Onsite ORIGINAL Indigenous Ceremonial Sites and 2000+ yr old Petroglyphs

Continuously inhabited by the Cañari for over 2000 yrs, this sacred land has been the site of ceremony and spirit for many. Touch the untouchable and ignite your dreams!

Sacred Medicine Ceremonies 

San Pedro for all ceremonies is grown, harvested and prepared onsite at TBM!
This sacred valley is the ORIGINAL home of San Pedro. ALL of our cactus are LOVED, nourished and of course, organic. We only harvest when a plant is truly ready and always, with Sacred Guidelines. Finest quality assured.
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Two Meditation Caves

Discovered after a devastating fire, the energy of these two caves is pristine! Cave One calls forward Clarity and Cave two: Creation! The caves tell us there are more waiting!

"Old Paute" Archeological Site 

TBM is a 200+ year Old ORIGINAL Homestead and the “Old Paute” road runs through it! This site was buried in garbage and is now fully restored to approved archeological guidelines!

Mayan Ceremonial Site

Written in the Book of Days of the Maya at Lake Atitlan, keepers of the four sacred Noguales gifted to them, Sri Ram Kaa a consecrated Mayan Priest & Kira Raa, The High Oracle.
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Click Here For Full Details About Sacred Medicine Journeys at TBM

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